LEGO 18828 vs 98385 Spiky Hair

18828 and 98385 Spiky Hair pieces are very similar. 18228 is shown on the left and 98385 on the right below.

18228 v 98385 side view spiky hair comparison
18228 v 98385 top view spiky hair comparison

Notable differences, topside
The tuft of hair at A is wider on 18228. The tuft at B protrudes more dramatically on 98385. 18228 appears to have a crisper sculpt where 98385 is overall more rounded along edges. 98385 has a shinier/smoother finish.

Notable differences, underside

18228-reddish-brown underside

18228 has a narrow underside ring to hold the stud. the mold number is located outside the ring.

98385-reddish-brown underside

98385 has a wide ring to hold the stud. The mold number is located inside the ring.