30368 Vader Helmets

vader helmet variants

There are at least two different molds with the common 30368 part number. Below images have earlier design on the left and later design on the right.

vader helmet variants

Notable differences

A. Helmet Band. Earlier design has a narrower band than the later design.

B. Eyes. Earlier design has smooth eye finish. Later design has pebbled eye finish. Inner top curve is more angled on earlier design than on later design.

C. Nose. Earlier design has bell-shaped nose indent. Later design has dome shaped nose indent.

D. Jawline. Earlier design has more pronounced indent in the jawline feature than later design.

E. Circle. Earlier design has smaller circles than later design.

F. Chin. Earlier design has a sculpted “lip” or “ridge” along the bottom where the later design does not.

vader helmet variants

G. Eyebrows. Earlier design has a lower brow ridge than the later design.

H. Nose. Earlier design has a lower nose than the later design.

I. Helmet. Earlier design has less pronounced edge extension than the later design.

vader helmet variants

The underside of the earlier design does not bear the LEGO logo while the later design does.

The easiest quick distinction to be made is by looking at the chin area. One helmet has a distinct raised horizontal bar, the other is flush with the intersecting vertical bars.

vader helmet variants