clips a-j


  1. x1435 (hexagonal flag), 2525 (4x6 flag), and 2335 variant 1 (2x2 flag) have the same A clip.
  2. 2335 variant 2 (2x2 flag), 44676 variant 1 (2x2 trapezoid) pebbled finish, and 44676 variant 2 smooth finish have the same B clip.
  3. 44676 variant 3 (2x2 trapezoid) pebbled with a unique (so far) C clip.
  4. 30034 (Deltoid Panel) has a unique D clip.
  5. 30350a (2x3 tile with 2 clips) has a unique E clip.
  6. 30350b (2x3 tile with 2 clips), 61252 (1x1 plate modified 1 clip), 60470b (1x2 plate modified 2 clips), 11476 (1x2 plate modified 1 clip) 60476 (1x1 brick modified) have the same F clip.
  7. 30350a (2x3 tile with clips) has a unique E clip.
  8. 6019 (1x1 plate modified), 60740 (1x2 plate modified), and 30350c (2x3 tile with clips) have the same G clip.
  9. 63838 (1x2 tile with clip) and 49563 (1x2 with 2 clips–not pictured), have the same H clip.
  10. 61482 (standard handcuffs) has unique I clip. 56619 (Batman handcuffs) has unique J clip.

There are two versions of 44676 with different surface finishes but with the same style clip. Note the reflection in the smooth finish flag on the left, compare with the pebbled finish flag on the right.