Comparison of Wizard Hats – 6131 and 90460

wizard hats
  • Neither of the above hats has a number stamp.
  • Hat on left has no prong on buckle.
  • Both hats have a slight pebble finish to the hat/brim and a smooth belt.
  • Belt protrusions from buckle frame have squared edges.
wizard hats
  • Hat on left is unstamped. Hat on right is stamped 90460.
  • Hat on left has smooth finish on hat, slight pebbling on brim, smooth belt, and prong on buckle.
  • Belt protrusion from buckle frame has squared edges.
  • 90460 hat has a finer pebble finish on hat, brim, and belt.
  • 90460 hat has no prong on buckle.
  • 90460 hat has a beveled and curved belt protruding from buckle frame.
wizard hats detail

Above, comparative closeups of non-90460 hats.

Below, comparison callouts

wizard hats with notes